Apple School Manager (ASM) / Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

Apple has recently launched the Apple Business Manager (ABM) and, the Apple School Manager (ASM) in Vietnam.  This was formally knows as the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP).  These 2 programs are exclusively offered to Apple customers that require seamless deployment and management of their institution owned Apple Devices.  Whether these are iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads and iPods, to both desktop & laptop devices such as the iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and, finally AppleTV devices, these can be enrolled and managed under both ABM or ASM.
Futureworld is an Apple Enterprise Partner & Apple Education Partner.  We can provide ABM/ASM consultancy and also enrollment for your devices.
Apple School Manager (ASM)
Designed to have schools harness the full potential of the devices.  ASM facilitates easy integration of Apple devices into schools with compatibility with SIS (Student Information Systems), and Azure Active Directory.  ASM also provides a way for volume purchase of both Apps & Books and have it assigned to individual devices.


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Set up



Prepare your school to get up and running.


Integrate with your school’s existing systems.


Build an individualized experience for students and staff.


Set up devices instantly.


Use in the classroom.

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